Expanded Metal for BBQ

expanded steel mesh for bbq

Expanded Metal for BBQ

Expanded metal for BBQ is suitable for charcoal and gas grills. The expanded steel mesh for bbq can be made into round, rectangle, hexagon or other shapes.

It can be used to grill fish, shrimp, bacon, chicken wings, pizza, vegetables, etc. Put food on the expanded steel mesh to prevent small food from falling into the grill. The grill mesh allows more smoke to pass through, grills food evenly, and brings more flavor to your cooking. Expanded metal for BBQ is generally diamond openings, so that the food gets perfect grill marks.

There are two types of expanded steel mesh for BBQ: disposable and recyclable. The disposable steel mesh is light and suitable for outdoor gatherings. The recyclable one is stronger than the disposable mesh and can be recycled used.

Features of Expanded Steel Mesh for BBQ

  • Easy to use and clean
  • It can be recycled and has a long service life.
  • Disposable metal mesh is easy to carry
  • Different shapes are suitable for different shapes of grills.

expanded metal bbq grate

expanded metal sheet for bbq

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