flattened expanded metal sheet

flattened expanded metal

Flattened Expanded Metal Sheet

The flattened expanded metal is cold-rolled from raised mesh, it has a smooth flat surface and diamond-shaped openings. In the cold rolling process, the mesh sheet is usually elongated. After the metal mesh is flattened, the metal mesh plate will be sent through a sheet leveler to maintain its flatness. The flat expanded metal is available in a variety of materials, such as mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Mild steel can be galvanized to improve its rust resistance. Among them, stainless steel expanded metal mesh is the most durable type.

The flattened expanded metal sheet can have various mesh patterns. The common patterns include diamond, hexagonal openings.


  • Smooth surface. The safe and smooth surface will not hurt people.
  • Economical and durable, which make it suits for a broad range of applications.

types of expanded metal

Specification of Flattened Expanded Metal Sheet

StyleMinimum Strand ThicknessNominal WeightDesign Size, inOpening SizeStrand SizeOverall ThicknessDiamond per ft.Percent Open Area, %
inchlb/100 ft2SWDLWDSWOLWOWidthThicknessinchSWDLWD
1/2 180.037660.51.260.30410.0980.0410.041249.565
1/2 160.047840.51.260.30210.0990.0510.051249.565
1/2 130.0721360.51.260.2360.9150.1070.0760.076249.562
3/4 180.037430.9232.10.6871.8120.1180.0410.041135.777
3/4 160.047540.9232.10.6871.8120.1180.0510.051135.777
3/4 130.072830.9232.10.6831.750.1200.0760.076135.777
3/4 90.1081850.9232.10.5931.6870.1790.1140.114135.765
1 1/2 160.047411.333.151.0742.750.1280.0510.05193.883
1 1/2 130.072621.333.151.0702.6250.1300.0760.07693.883
1 1/2 90.1081241.333.150.9602.6250.1740.1140.11493.877

flattened expanded metal mesh

flattened expanded mesh


  • Protective cover
  • Metal fence
  • Metal grille
  • Walkway
  • Building Facades
  • Supermarket shelves
  • Bicycle basket
  • Trailer floor and sides

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