Expanded Metal Grating Sheets

expanded steel grating

Expanded Metal Grating Sheets

The expanded metal grating sheets are generally made of heavy-gauge steel sheets or plates. It is a strong and economical product that can be used in various industrial, commercial and construction applications. The expanded steel grating presents high load-bearing capacity and good anti-skid performance, making it an ideal choice for deck and stair treads, also widely used in bridges and industrial walkways, platforms. The expanded steel grating usually refers to a raised expanded metal because it has better anti-slip properties than flattened one.

Hightop is one of the leading expanded metal grating manufacturer and supplier in China. In order to obtain better rust and corrosion resistance, the surface of the metal mesh is usually galvanized or spray-painted to increase its rust resistance and therefore can be used in harsh environments.

Features of Expanded Steel Grating

  • High strength and high load-carrying capacity
  • Excellent non-slip and safety characteristic
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Cost-saving

Applications of Expanded Grating

  • Bridge platform
  • Walkways of industrial plants.
  • Stair treads – Industrial plant and outdoor stair treads.
  • Anti-slip ramp-way
  • Floor panel of a truck or trailer.
  • Scaffolding grilles used in construction sites
Expanded metal walkway grating

Expanded metal walkway grating for river bridge

expanded steel grating

Expanded steel grating for stair treads

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