decorative expanded metal

decorative expanded metal sheet

Decorative Expanded Metal Sheet

Decorative expanded metal can get a variety of colors through surface treatment, which makes it very aesthetically attractive and has a unique use in the field of architectural decoration. Due to the strict requirements on appearance, the metal mesh must take into account the characteristics of durability and rust resistance, especially when used in the outer wall cladding, and it must have light weight. These characteristics determine that aluminum and stainless steel are the preferred materials.

The aluminium expanded metal sheet is strong and light in weight, so it is more easier to handle and install. The material itself and various surface treatment give it excellent rust resistance, so it’s very suitable for interior and exterior decoration. The outdoor decoration includes the building facades, such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, stadiums, museums, exhibitions, etc. Decorative expanded metal mesh has small or large openings, which ensures good ventilation and shading, also makes the building a new look. In addition, the expanded metal mesh has good sound absorption and noise control, therefore it is also widely used in music and movie theater to reduce the echo.

Decorative expanded metal sheet combines functionality and aesthetics, and has been increasingly used for indoor decoration in recent years. When used as indoor partitions, due to its ventilation and light permeability, it can reduce the frequency of use of indoor electrical appliances which helps to save energy consumption. When decorative expanded metal is used for ceiling or indoor wall cladding, it helps reduce noise.

Types of Expanded Metal Mesh

decorative expanded metal sheets

decorative expanded mesh screen

decorative expanded mesh sheets

decorative aluminium expanded mesh screen

Aluminium expanded mesh screen with frame

expanded metal lath sheets

Diamond rib lath mesh

decorative expanded metal screen

architectural expanded metal mesh screen

expanded aluminium mesh

expanded metal frame

Expanded metal frame

expanded metal panels

Decorative expandable metal mesh


expanded mesh cladding

Architectural mesh cladding

aluminum expanded mesh cladding

expanded metal facade

Aluminum metal facade

expanded metal building

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