expanded metal flooring

expanded metal mesh flooring

Expanded Metal Mesh Flooring

Expanded metal mesh flooring is made from mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum sheet or plate. The metal sheet is cut and stretched to form diamond, or hexagonal openings. This manufacturing method makes it possible to obtain strong but lightweight materials.

Mild steel expanded metal flooring has excellent load-bearing characteristic and provides a safety solution for industrial and commercial applications. Aluminum expanded metal flooring not only has good load-bearing performance, but also light in weight and excellent rust and corrosion resistance. The stainless steel expanded mesh flooring balances corrosion resistance and load-bearing capacity, and therefore is the best choice in humid environments and places requiring better bearing capacity.


  • High security – Anti-slip
  • Aesthetic appeal – The opening can be diamond or hexagonal.
  • Clean – No dirt, rain and snow accumulation.
  • Excellent ventilation

Application of Expanded Metal Flooring

  • Industrial plant flooring
  • Outdoor platform, walkway flooring
  • Bridge walkway, platform
  • Deck

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